Friday, June 5, 2009

Car modeling

Now, it's not really a car modeling tutorial. But it is a reference for lots and lots car tutorials.

Some time ago I've decided to model a car. Nothing in particular, just a regular car. And since this seemed to be a somewhat complicated task, I've decided that this time I should find a good step – by - step tutorial that will allow me to create my car easily.

After a short search I found a Car Body Design , a cool site where you can find different car tutorials for almost any software, whether it is a 2d illustration or a 3d render. There are tuts for beginners, tips on modeling or sketching, tips on setting the blueprints and final rendering.
For my first model I chose a really nice green Mazda RX8 tutorial and I promise to post my final result as soon as it's finished.

So for those of you who learn how to create a car – this site is for you.

Have fun and good luck.

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